LEADERSHIP: Positioning Yourself for Success

Charmaine’s proven Executive Success Principles® give leaders like yourself who are tasked with guiding today’s fast paced, complex organizations the strategies necessary to expand your vision and move the enterprise forward. Using ESP gives you the leadership agility and resilience you need most.

  • Communicate the vision®
  • Speak in headlines®
  • The three must-make points®
  • Create witnesses®
  • Don’t audition for the part®
  • Embody your message®

Ideal for all audiences – Increase your organizations ability to attract, retain and develop high potential talent.
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COMMUNICATION: Speak Up. Stand Out. Be Heard.

Communicating is more than words and phrases. It is your ability to project competence and professionalism; voice opinions confidently; speak up in meetings; move plans and projects forward; and to present ideas “up and down” the ladder in a way that garners attention and respect.

Whether speaking to managers, employees, or large groups, executives need to ensure you are heard, supported, and listened to. In this program, participants learn strategies that are the heart of Charmaine’s Executive Success Principles® and learn to:

  • Go from invisible to visible
  • Communicate both up and down the ladder
  • Increase communication self-awareness
  • Build your competence, confidence and credibility

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LEADERSHIP PRESENCE: What’s Real, What’s Useful & What’s Neither

“Leadership Presence” has become a trendy catchphrase. Your skepticism is at least partially deserved, however this is a valid concept that if properly understood and acted upon will lead to personal and career success. This keynote is based in part upon Charmaine’s one-on-one discussions with CEOs about the critical role that “Leadership Presence” plays in the promotion and derailment of your career. I will sort out what’s real in leadership presence from what’s not, and deliver proven practical steps for you to take action. These sure-fire tools help develop your authentic leadership presence, and help you be seen as a critical leader and recognized for the value you add.

What you will take away:

  • Learn a fool-proof method to assess whether your leadership presence is an asset or liability – how you see yourself, how others see you, and how to bridge the gap.
  • Discover the barriers that prevent you from embodying your desired leadership presence.
  • Redefine your leadership presence and increase your brand equity – whether or not your chance positions/titles.
  • Craft a compelling message that articulates your unique value.

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