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The Executive Success Principles® method has been used by thousands of executives to be seen, heard, and recognized within their organizations.


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When clients use Charmaine’s powerful Executive Success Principles® they move forward and up in their careers.

Mentoring Program

“Charmaine’s ESP program has increased my ability to show up as my best self. The increased value was seeing my mentor’s direct success as a result of embodying ESP every day, so it was very compelling for me to implement those changes in my own style. It works!”

Jenise Huffman
Director of sustainability,
Tyson Foods

Corporate Program

“Charmaine’s ESP method helps leaders at all levels communicate with greater credibility, influence and ease. She not only provides excellence in the work she does, but she teaches others how to create it for themselves.”

Ray Vigil, Ph.D
Founder Executive Learning Innovations
and retired Chief 
Learning Officer, Humana

Self-Directed Program

“My former CEO referred me to Charmaine’s Executive Success Principles program and my career has soared ever since. ESP helped me set myself apart from the rest.”

Rhonda Garrett
Director of Operations,
Express Scripts


If you’re ready for your leaders to have a year of significant value, contact us to talk about how ESP can help.


Executive Success Principles®

  • Communicate the vision®

  • Speak in headlines®

  • Three “must make” points®

  • Create witnesses®

  • Don’t audition for the part®

  • Embody your message®

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