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“Charmaine’s coaching was instrumental in my success and got me promoted twice in three years to line roles of increasing scope and accountability”

– Sheri Miksa, President and CEO


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Executive coaching is centered on the individual, but involves many stakeholders. Coaching is tailored to your unique goals and interests, ensuring you receive the most value and benefit from the experience.


Our clients are leaders from the C-Suite, leaders who want to be considered for the C-Suite or for a board seat, and leaders in transition.

It is important that the goals of our clients are large. Why? The work to be done isn’t surface work. It involves uncovering blind spots, trusting your intuition, and speaking in a way where adding value becomes second nature.


Clients who call are often looking for help with one or more of the following:

  • Adjusting to a new role
  • Planning to take the company public or turn it around
  • Building a stronger relationship with the board
  • Gaining greater influence with your executive team
  • Creating a transition strategy
  • Redefining their executive presence, increasing their brand equity
  • Wanting more confidence and ease with success
  • Wanting to become the leader they’ve always dreamed of becoming
When you’re ready to have your best year ever, call 323-224-6820 for a confidential conversation to discuss how you and Charmaine can work together.


“As a result of my work with Charmaine, I am no longer a reactive communicator, but an intentional one who chooses the outcomes I want, rather than hoping for the best.”

Bart Schubert
VP Development

“It’s one thing to have a well- crafted leadership strategy, and quite another to have colleagues who are committed to bringing the strategy to fruition. Charmaine helped me achieve that commitment.”

Michael Bryant-Hicks S&P500
General Counsel

“I was able to undertake innovative high profile initiatives because of my increased ability to engage and influence others.”

Catherine P. Corley
Senior Vice President Global Operations, Catalyst

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