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New Year, New Intention: Get Quiet and Find Your Voice

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope this new decade is off to a fabulous start for you.

After a holiday visit to Paris, my favorite of all cities, I am renewed and refreshed, and I’ve made an important decision. I’ve decided that every day in 2020 is a great day. Any day that I’m on this side of the earth? Yes, it’s a great day.

It’s a decision prompted by Kathleen Guthrie Woods and her 52Nudges, a wonderful initiative that encourages us to challenge ourselves weekly.

This Nudge in particular resonated with me – a Nudge to reserve time to just be. Be still, be quiet and do nothing. It reminded me of the hours and hours I spent in Rodin’s Garden when I lived in Paris earlier in my career. I would stop there on my way home from work, sit on one of the many park benches and soak in this incredible city. The art. The culture. The people. To sit and just be in one of the most beautiful spots in the world was truly transformational for me.

So I made a point to return to Rodin’s Garden over the holiday. It was during this visit that I decided every day is a great day, and that going forward I will be kinder to myself and kinder to the world. Instead of fretting over actions beyond my control, I’m now sending prayers and light out into the universe.

Thank you, Kathleen, for reminding me of the importance of sitting quietly and doing nothing – even in Paris.

It’s by slowing down and getting quiet with ourselves that we gain clarity in our world and our role in it. It helps us become even more clear about our own narrative, and ways to evolve our narrative, when needed.

It all goes back to one of my foundations, which you’ve heard me share time and again: If we don’t define ourselves, others will, and their definition will inevitably be inadequate. That’s why Your Winning Story Makes You Unstoppable and my Executive Success Principles continue to be helpful for so many.

By the way, I’m thrilled that my Communication: Speak Up. Stand Out. session at the Watermark, Texas and Massachusetts Conferences for Women was voted among the three most highly rated and highly useful sessions at all three conferences. If your company could use a session on how to speak with clarity and confidence so that your ideas are heard, your value is clear and your opinions are remembered, let’s connect. I’d be happy to include you in my 2020 calendar of speaking engagements.

As we enter this new decade, I’d like to encourage you to write a list of your favorite accomplishments from our previous decade. Often, when we see what all we’ve achieved, we gain more confidence to achieve more.

If you didn’t accomplish what you wanted, remember this: As long as you’re breathing, it’s not too late. Your timing is perfect. Today is a new day. And it’s a great day. I’d be delighted to help support your 2020 success.


Wishing you joy, unfathomable success and a very happy new year,



Charmaine McClarie

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