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Clients on the Move

David Camp, Kesha Cash, Rhonda Garrett, Matthew R. Hawes,
Jennifer H. Moeller, Sylvia Wulf, Cecilia Ziniti

What a wonderful way to end the year! Congratulations to these McClarie Group clients:

David Camp is now Vice President of Finance at Hunt & Sons. He was a Partner at Next Level.

Kesha Cash, Founder and General Partner at Impact America Fund, is now a member of the Eileen Fisher Inc. Board of Directors – what great news! In addition, Kesha will be a featured speaker at the Global Board Leaders’ Summit, Sept. 21-24, in Washington, D.C.

“My work with Charmaine positioned me perfectly to be invited to join Eileen Fisher’s inaugural board. My role is to listen deeply and engage in meaningful dialogue about Eileen Fisher’s history and rich culture. I’m thrilled to contribute my insight in support of the company’s exciting future and growth.” – Kesha Cash, Impact America Fund

Rhonda Garrett is now Senior Director of Operations for Express Scripts. She was Director of Operations. Rhonda has graciously credited my ESP method for playing a positive role in landing this promotion.

Matthew R. Hawes is now Senior Director of Commercial Learning and Development at Gilead Sciences. He was Associate Director of Commercial Learning and Development at Gilead.

Jennifer H. Moeller is now Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for LifeCare Hospitals. She was a Strategist for Red Sky Insights

Sylvia Wulf is now CEO of AquaBounty. She was President of Stockyards and Senior Vice President of US Foods.

Cecilia Ziniti is now Lead Counsel, Product and Commercial, at Cruise Automation. She was General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of ANKI.

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