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The Case for Vacation: Take It, Unplug and Enjoy

Have you taken a vacation yet this year? Do you have one planned? August is always a great month for some well-deserved time off – in fact, it’s the most popular month for vacations. Yet with small staffs, fear of layoffs and folks who are simply addicted to their work, nudging employees to take vacations is… Read more »

Clients and Colleagues on the Move

  Congratulations to these McClarie Group clients and colleagues who are showing up as their best selves every day and landing exciting new jobs and promotions: Claire Bonaci has landed a new job as Health Industry Solution Strategist for Microsoft. She had been Senior Clinical Trial Management Associate for Gilead Sciences. Keecia Scott has been… Read more »

Tired of Feeling Invisible? Here’s How to Be Seen and Rewarded

  Originally published in the June 2019 PA Conference for Women Newsletter   “Do you feel sometimes like there’s a person inside that’s screaming to jump out?” asks leadership expert and executive coach Charmaine McClarie. “I want you to let that person out because that person is really the truth of who you are.” But… Read more »

Clients and Colleagues on the Move

  I’m always happy to report that McClarie Group clients and colleagues continue to expand their careers and contributions:  Bonnie Nijst has repositioned, rebranded and relaunched her company as FIDGET Branding. Formerly known as ZEESMAN, FIDGET helps companies shift from a traditional sales and marketing model to an inbound approach to the market. The result?… Read more »

Meet Tiffany Stribling!

 I’m following my own advice and have asked for help, too. Meet Tiffany Stribling, my new executive assistant. Tiffany handles a long list of administrative details, further strengthening our ability to meet your needs and support your success. Please feel free to email Tiffany and say hello. By the way, I have a new calendar app… Read more »

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