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Leadership Blog - McClarie Group

Ready to Make This Your Best Year Ever? Start by Asking for Help

Are you beginning the year with an exciting new job or well-deserved promotion? Have you been tapped to champion that company-wide, high-visibility initiative you’ve had your eye on? Are you taking on more clients than ever before? Congratulations! You’re ready to make this your best year ever. Let me ask you, though: Did you stop and think through… Read more »

Meet Tiffany Stribling!

 I’m following my own advice and have asked for help, too. Meet Tiffany Stribling, my new executive assistant. Tiffany handles a long list of administrative details, further strengthening our ability to meet your needs and support your success. Please feel free to email Tiffany and say hello. By the way, I have a new calendar app… Read more »

On a Podcast Near You

Many thanks to Winnie Anderson and to Simma Lieberman for having me on their podcasts recently. Winnie and I talked about Owning and Communicating Your Value on her Courageous Entrepreneur show. Our discussion covered topics such as why women tend to undercharge, negotiation tips and how my Executive Success Principles help my clients define their value.  Simma… Read more »

Clients on the Move

What a wonderful way to start the year! Congratulations to these McClarie Group clients and colleagues: Julie Lim began 2019 with a new job as Executive VP of Caulipower, the No. 1 fastest-growing pizza brand in the United States. Prior to that, Julie was Senior National Account Executive at Nestlé.  Ona (Gardner) Orivri has been promoted… Read more »

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