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Leadership Blog - McClarie Group

Tired of Feeling Invisible? Here’s How to Be Seen and Rewarded

  Originally published in the June 2019 PA Conference for Women Newsletter   “Do you feel sometimes like there’s a person inside that’s screaming to jump out?” asks leadership expert and executive coach Charmaine McClarie. “I want you to let that person out because that person is really the truth of who you are.” But… Read more »

Clients and Colleagues on the Move

  I’m always happy to report that McClarie Group clients and colleagues continue to expand their careers and contributions:  Bonnie Nijst has repositioned, rebranded and relaunched her company as FIDGET Branding. Formerly known as ZEESMAN, FIDGET helps companies shift from a traditional sales and marketing model to an inbound approach to the market. The result?… Read more »

The Power of Us: Watermark Conference for Women

PICTURED ABOVE: Serena Williams, Gloria Steinem and Brené Brown. Photos by Marla Aufmuth / Getty Images for the Watermark Conference for Women. Few moments are as breathtaking as walking into a grand ballroom filled with 7,500 women and men, gathered together to experience and celebrate The Power of Us. With speakers including Serena Williams, Gloria… Read more »

Becoming: Michelle Obama Defines Her Narrative

Are you loving Michelle Obama’s new book as much as I am? More than 2 million of us snapped up copies of Becoming within its first 15 days of release. It’s now in its sixth printing, with more than 3.4 million copies sold around the world. From the early chapters detailing her childhood to finding… Read more »

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