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“When I work with you, be prepared to ‘get in the room with me.’ As you become vulnerable to your leadership challenges, I’ll provide a unique balance of tension and lightness that enables you to overcome those hindrances and move to a new level of leadership ability.”


– Charmaine McClarie

About Charmaine

Charmaine McClarie is a senior executive coach who helps leaders have their best year ever. She has worked with leaders in 27 industries across five continents. Her clients include top executives from Coca-Cola, DuPont, Humana, Johnson & Johnson, Starbucks and T-Mobile.

During her 20+ years as an executive coach, 98% of Charmaine’s clients have been promoted within 18 months – whether that means going from SVP to EVP, growing from regional to global leadership or becoming corporate director.

Charmaine serves on the faculty at the University of Missouri Kansas City Bloch School of Management, EMBA program and is a visiting lecturer at the Smith College Executive Education program. 

Senior executive leaders and rising executives with demonstrated readiness to be in the C-suite benefit from Charmaine’s coaching in the areas of leadership acumen, communications ability and executive presence.

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Philosophy & Approach

When hiring a chief advisor, you’re hiring both the person AND their philosophy. Obviously, it makes good sense to know ahead of time how that advisor thinks, so you’ll better understand what they’ll be asking of you while you’re working together.

How do you, as a senior leader, measure your overall business value? Try this thought experiment: Imagine you’re in the midst of your best year ever. What would that year look like exactly? What projects would you be leading? How would your organization be profiting? Based on your personal excellence, how would all the needles on the organization’s dashboard be moving? THAT, then, is the measure of your overall value.

My role is to help you make change so you can consistently live up to your potential and give others in your organization permission to live up to theirs.



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